What to expect

What to Expect

Child/Family Sessions

Each of my sessions is tailored to your family. Though I book out an entire hour, not all sessions will take the full time. It is my experience that younger children tire quickly, and we really get our best, most natural, happy photos in the first 20-30 minutes. However, it is also important not to rush a child, so we take our time. It is best if we don't "direct" children during our session, but rather have fun and let them be at ease. Trust me. We will get the best photographs when your children don't feel pressured to perform!

Clothing--I recommend clothing that is most natural to you and your family. If you are a casual family, then jeans, khaki's, sundresses, etc. work out great. I also really advise you to coordinate but don't match! What does that mean? Maybe your daughter wears a fun dress with a pattern, pull some colors from that dress and put dad and your son in jeans and a solid color top. For yourself? Maybe a solid casual dress and colorful scarf/necklace to pull everyone together. Timeless clothing, rather than super trendy, is excellent. Remember, these photographs may hang on your walls for years to come. We also want everyone to be comfortable and natural-looking.


If your children are never in suits and ties, then don't put them in suits and ties for their photographs, it will appear unnatural. Remember that lighter colors are best in the spring and summer months, whereas darker/warmer colors are best in the fall and winter.

We can also discuss clothing to meet the needs of your photography location best when booking! I don't limit clothing changes during your session, just ask that you know your child's limits. Layers work out great for changing at outdoor locations.

Newborn Sessions

Newborn sessions can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Every baby is different! When booking newborn sessions, we book out three full hours. Sometimes baby is fussy, and we also need to stop and feed, etc. So this all takes time. It is best to schedule your newborn session within the first week of birth, ideally the first five days!

Babies tend to hit a growth spurt right at about two weeks and will be noticeably more alert. We want a sleepy baby and will do what we need to get him/her there. I prefer to photograph newborns in their bare skin, clothing is not necessary. If you have any specific props you want in photographs, bring them (we will discuss your interests/hobbies when booking!). If you are nursing, great, if not, bring plenty of formula to your session. I do love to photograph newborns in their own environment, and nurseries are super fun.

Simply Because Photography

It is best if you plan to wear a solid color shirt, in case we need you to hold baby, a pattern won't be distracting. If you are planning to have family members in the photographs, I also recommend solid clothing. If we are photographing a young sibling with your newborn, it is best to coordinate for someone to pick up your older child mid-session, so they aren't impatient during the remainder of the newborn session.

If photographing in your own home, a warm environment is best for a happy baby. We can discuss all of this in-depth upon booking.


Pets are family too! Bring them along to your family session. Or schedule their own unique session. Pet sessions are 15-20 minutes in length, $100, and include 10-15 digital images and copyright release.


Photographs are taken in the studio. Your session will be approximately 10-15 minutes in length and include one outfit change. Sessions are $150 and include three digital releases in color AND black and white, with full copyright release for your business needs.